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Our Outlook

An Invisible Man, write and tour plays to schools and theatres that mainly address the social and emotional issues in grassroots community and young peoples lives, from sexting, through alcohol and drug abuse to mental health, domestic violence and online safety to bullying.

We make work that we believe displays our company ethos of exploring difficult subjects but with sensitivity, accuracy and with good humour.

Over the past 10+ years over 50,000 people, young and old, have seen our productions in schools and theatres across the UK and Europe . All of our productionss have attendant  workshops where we explore and discuss the action and reactions of the audience to the play just performed.

The following productions continue tour annually and are available by request…

Commissioned to examine Mental Health and what is/isn't a healthy relationship to be in Inside Out follows several young people in their mid-late teens to see how the world they live in impacts on their wellbeing.

One young couple struggle with what it means to their future now that they’re pregnant. Another couple struggle with their future, and the impact of existing mental health conditions on their relationship.

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Sophie lives with her father (a soldier) and her stepmother. She’s locked in her bedroom with her father outside the door as they try to discuss the activity and motivations of the weekend just past. Sophie has just returned from hospital, in which she found herself in after a bad reaction to legal high drugs at a party, and Dad wants to know "why!?"...

Daniel is in a meeting with a school counsellor, this is a re-admission meeting after he has been found to have supplied the drugs to Sophie at the party. 

A play commisioned by North Yorkshire County Council.

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Commisioned by North Yorkshire County Council and supported by funding from the MOD, Wherever Home is...? was created to address how children experience changes in their lives.

Focusing on the stories of two children who have serving parents in the UK military the production and workshop explores how changes affects us all, children and adults, and looks at what it means to be resilent and adaptable in the face of some of life's regular difficulties...

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How to be Lucky is the interactive workshop and play that is the result of dozens of interviews with Re-settled Syrians and with their UK support workers.

We share and explore with our audiences the physical and psychological realities of displacement from one’s home country because of civil war and the impact it has on individuals and families. 

Please have a look at these two short (3 mins) excerpts & reflection videos for reflections: