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Wherever Home Is...? – (for KS2 audiences in Primary or Year 7 in secondary)

Commisioned by North Yorkshire County Council and supported by funding from the MOD, Wherever Home is...? was created to address how children experience changes in their lives.

Focusing on the stories of two children who have serving parents in the UK military the production and workshop explores how changes affects us all, children and adults, and looks at what it means to be resilent and adaptable in the face of some of life's regular difficulties...

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The audience are led through this story by it's narrator, a 10 year old girl called Lucy, who like her friend, Calvin aged 11 has just moved to the Uk from Germany. Lucy explains that her friend has run away from home and not told anybody where he has gone and as a result the whole estate are deeply worried and are out scouring the streets searching for him, She reveals that it will be she that finds him but not yet... before that she shares her story of her move and how it's pressures ripple through her family. Calvin, her friend, appeare and talks to the audience from his hiding place and he reavels to then that not only has his familiy moved again, for the 5th time in his life but that this tie its even worse because his parents are splitting up and he doesnt know why and it makes him angry with them...

Calvin and Lucy's stories are drawn from many hundreds of hours of research with children of serving military personel, the soldiers themselves, thier spouses and teaching professionals both in the Uk and in Germany.

The play is an analysis of the fortitude and resilience of childrena and a celebration of how important our friendship's are at times of stress.

The play is split into 2 Acts. Act 1 lasts 50mins and following this childlren spend several hours in workshop exercises and discussion about the play before they "take part" in the concusion and experience act 2.

Please go to www.whereverhomeis.co.uk for more information, resources and a link to a recorded version of the production.

"Exceptionally well planned and organised. The way it worked with first part of the play and then workshop sessions, linking this into second act … therefore included pupil voice and thoroughly engaged pupils. I can’t speak highly enough of the whole project – thank you"
Michael Syddall Primary School