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YOLO (for year 9+ audiences)

Sophie lives with her father (a soldier) and her stepmother. She’s locked in her bedroom with her father outside the door as they try to discuss the activity and motivations of the weekend just past. Sophie has just returned from hospital, in which she found herself in after a bad reaction to legal high drugs at a party, and Dad wants to know "why!?"...

Daniel is in a meeting with a school counsellor, this is a re-admission meeting after he has been found to have supplied the drugs to Sophie at the party. 

A play commisioned by North Yorkshire County Council.

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YOLO explores how (these) young people react to pressures around them, pressures to do things and pressures not too. Its hard fitting in when nobody really knows what we are supposed to be doing or saying. Looking at many risk taking activities YOLO explores the pressure we feel to do things. Why? Because, “You Only Live Once”…

YOLO is designed to allow the audiences to actively, honestly and directly adress and discuss topics, in the play and workshop, alchohol, legal highs, sexting, online bullying, sexual health (inc STI's) teenage pregnancy and online safety, not to mention teen V parent relationships...

The play lasts 1 hour and has a 1-2 hour workshop that follows the production. The company perform the play and worshop twice per day on our visit to your school.

For year’s 9, 10 & 11 audiences

Fantastic, amazing, thought provoking. It was so good, better than I could ever have hoped for. I am defiantly going to have them back to work with Year 10.
Assistant Headteacher (N.Yorks)