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Inside Out ( for year 10+ audiences)

Commissioned to examine Mental Health and what is/isn't a healthy relationship to be in Inside Out follows several young people in their mid-late teens to see how the world they live in impacts on their wellbeing.

One young couple struggle with what it means to their future now that they’re pregnant. Another couple struggle with their future, and the impact of existing mental health conditions on their relationship.

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The play actively avoids labels to conditions but the action directly examines, self harm, anxiety and depression and eating disorders, to name but a few. Looking also at teenage pregnancy, child sexual exploitation and a suite of behaviours and environmental conditions that may lead to deteriorating mental health for us all, Inside Out is a very honest start to a dialogue about how we each personally affect and are effected by the world around us.

The play lasts 1hr and has a follow on workshop of approx 1 hour

Designed principally for audience of Yr10 and above

...so this was great because subjects like mental health are not taught in school really or if they are it's not in a way that yr 10 students would find interesting. I learnt a lot through this about something I knew nothing about before.
Yr 10 audience member- Fulford School