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EborVox - York 800 festival

EborVox was a the anniversary centrepiece of York800, where the city celebrated 800 years of its own democracy in July 2012.

Building up from over 1 year out we brought together 25 of the city’s adult choirs and several school choirs with musicians, puppeteers and dancers for a weekend of staged and flash singing and performances that we staged in a variety of traditional and unusual locations across the city.

Over 800 members of the community took centre stage as participants in these landmark events and performances, the finale of which of which was covered live on BBC1.

Stephen Burke is an exceptional artist and professional who is bilingual in ‘artspeak’ and ‘local government speak’ which makes him a joy to work with. In a time of mounting pressures on resources it is certainly worth looking at the creative opportunities Stephen can offer to councils
Gill Cooper – Head of Arts
Culture & Heritage at City of York Council