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Vale of York school- York

Over the past few years we have delivered a variety of projects in Canon Lee, alongside running the creative outputs for two summer schools and a new film where we closely followed the reflections of a cohort of year 11’s through their final year.

We were also permitted to work with students to stencil art spray vast swathes of the interior school walls.

Take a look at a video of this production.

Working with our regular collaborator Jim Gilroy we create graffiti stencil art work for the school walls that inspires, challenges, questions and amuses the school community as they walk these arteries between lessons. Images are mainly generated in consultation and dialogue with school students and teachers and the students often (safely) work with us in the final spray painting process.


Stephen has the unique ability to take any ‘seed’ of an idea, make it grow into something brilliant and crucially to make the vision that was the initial idea become a reality; all whilst still making you very much feel like you ‘own’ the idea at every step of the way. He is without question an amazing listener and communicator and his passion, enthusiasm and creativity are infectious. Perhaps most importantly Stephen is a superb learner and this means that he is constantly reviewing and reflecting on things as a project enfolds making sure that it just keeps getting better and better. Project work with Stephen is therefore exciting, inspiring, bespoke, as big or as little as you want it to be, but always worthwhile.
Nichola Crawford - Assistant Head Teacher
Canon Lee School, York