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Allerton High School- Leeds

Most of our education work begins with a narrative. We ask, what is the story we are trying to uncover here, or what’s the message we are trying to communicate?

Our background means we naturally tend to consider this first through theatre and scripted writing but these are not always the best forms to tackle each new enquiry so, over time, we have developed our portfolio of options to now using the mode of expression that very best suits the new enquiry, message or skills of the group. That could now be that poetry, prose, plays, film, podcasting, or soundscaping, through to visual arts.

Over the past 7 years we have worked with Allerton High school to devise and deliver several of their annual Yr 6 to 7 transition programme.

Working alongside core staff and with students we’ve explored the themes and feelings of transition to secondary school and so far captured that in book form, as a film and recently as a visual art and poetry exhibition.

I have worked with Stephen in two very different secondary schools. In both schools he has engaged students in activities that have engaged and challenged them to think deeply about themselves and their roles in school. Stephen has run a transition project for us for the last two years that has helped some of our most vulnerable Year 6 pupils make a very successful start to their secondary school education. Stephen’s skills allow him to quickly develop positive working relationships with the students he works with. This in turn, has allowed him to engage them in innovative pieces of work that have led to very impressive outcomes. I am looking forward to working with Stephen on two more projects this year that I know will be equally successful in the impact they have on our students.
Dave Hewitt, Deputy Head Teacher
Allerton High School, Leeds